Cme Customer Connection Agreement

Connectivity between the GLink CME access switch and authorized customer storage space uses an equidisting cross-connection to ensure site neutrality. CCG is responsible for establishing daily and final accounts for all CME Group core futures and options products, as well as providing settlement evacuation functions for our partnership meetings. For settlements that determine clearing-house payments/recoveries for all CME group customers, the accuracy and transparency of settlement prices are essential to maintaining customer confidence. Working closely with many departments, including Product Launch, Research, Business Line Management (BLM), Client Development – Services (CD-S), Market Regulation and Clearing, THE CCG ensures that the most appropriate methods are used. Over the course of events, whether technical or remote-controlled, CCG offers ongoing analyses ranging from the secretion of customer activity to in-depth studies of system behaviour. Proactive upstream, CCG works with many departments on issues such as product launches, rules and liability claims, and system stability analysis. As global markets are closed on Saturdays, the CCG team manages system maintenance, mock trading meetings, partner exchange initiatives and disaster recovery simulations. The GCC consists of three primary teams with different capabilities. In all market, technology and market operations teams, real-time tasks include: status/cancellation tracking, management of CME Group error trading policy, commodity processing (see below), order flow tracking, system stability analysis, facilitation of over-the-counter transactions, termination markets and emergency notifications. CCG sends notifications via the Globex Targeted Messaging System in an emergency.

When it is found that an event is likely to involve a significant number of customers and/or has the potential to request an emergency market shutdown, CCG sends a message to and warns subscribers: These forms describe connection requirements for companies such as managed Service, which facilitate or host routing connectivity of order and market data on CME Globex. Contact your clearing company to access hosted exchanges or exchanges that are available through an order roll agreement. Manage the implementation of connections from an authorized CME Group carrier. Learn more about connectivity options for customers responsible for setting up the client`s physical devices for interface with CME Group environments. The main task of the Global Command Center (GCC) is to ensure the integrity of the market while facilitating customer activities. CCG oversees market activities and 24 x 6 production support for Globex, BrokerTec, EBS and OTC sites, as well as support for CME Direct, ClearPort, DataMine, Elysian and GFE platforms. The commitment of collaborators in Chicago, New York, London and Singapore ensures unwavering redundancy. The CME Group recommends that customers manage a redundant site. Customers, clearing companies and channel partners must enter into specific agreements to access the CME Globex electronic trading platform for trading, data and platform interface development.