Stripe Services Agreement Canada

The collection and use of personal data is essential to ensure the security and compliance of our platform and services. As part of our fraud monitoring, prevention and detection services, we can monitor payment habits and other online behaviors to reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering and other activities harmful to us, our users and their customers. Following, Stripe entities responsible for the collection and use of personal data in fraud surveillance, prevention and detection. We may send you marketing messages about Stripe`s products and services via email, invite you to participate in events or surveys, or contact you for commercial purposes, provided you have received your consent in accordance with the legal provisions. When we collect your business details by participating in a trade show or other event, we may use this information to communicate with you about this event, provide you with the information you requested about our products and services, and have you included in our marketing campaigns with your permission. We may send you email marketing communications about Stripe products and services, invite you to participate in our events or surveys, or otherwise communicate with you for marketing purposes, provided that we do so in accordance with the consent requirements that are imposed by applicable law. For example, when we collect your business contact details through our participation at trade shows or other events, we may use the information to follow-up with you regarding an event, send you information that you have requested on our products and services and, with your permission, include you on our marketing information campaigns. Payment card networks can change network rules at any time without notifying you, and Stripe reserves the right to change payment services for payment card processing at any time to comply with network rules. We can provide the information you provide to us and that we use to know the type of products and services with financial service providers, including the allocation of your business activities to a specific commercial network payment category code (MCC).

If you do not understand such a contract, please contact us before you call the services. Your use of a Payment Method may be subject to separate terms applicable to the Payment Method. For example, Visa and Mastercard require you to enter into an agreement with the Payment Method Acquirer for Visa and Mastercard Transactions.