Which Of The Following Is A Provision Of The Commonwealth Agreement

(1) A period referred to in an Act, which is of a type referred to in column 1 of a point of the following table, shall be calculated in accordance with the rule set out in column 2 of that item: In November 1997, the Australian Council of Government (COAG) approved in principle the Heads of Agreement on the roles and responsibilities of the Commonwealth and the States with respect to the environment. In the case of a federal State, the following provisions shall apply: (1) If a law or law of a territory provides for or permits the presentation of a document (in whatever form) before Parliament or in both Houses or in one or both Houses of Parliament, it is sufficient to comply with the provision relating to a Chamber, if: (c) in the case of a court of a territory, this provision must be interpreted as providing that jurisdiction may be transferred only to the extent permitted by the Constitution ….