Collective Agreement Gh

No no. The withdrawal of a union appointment certificate does not affect the validity of a collective agreement entered into by the union prior to the withdrawal of the certificate. However, any collective agreement entered into by another union after the certificate is withdrawn has its effect, without prejudice to what is provided for in the previous agreement. 2.1 The purpose of this agreement is to define terms of service for wages, wages, hours of work and other conditions of employment. 2.2 Both sides recognize the growth and development of cooperation, trust, respect and fairness and strive to preserve these virtues in their policies and management standards. 2.3 The parties believe that the best way to promote these attitudes is to clarify that the employers and unions involved in the negotiations on this agreement were not anti-union or opposed to management, but were seriously concerned about the benevolent interest and well-being of the Ghanaian training service and all teachers, as well as the promotion of the growth of a stable union. i. The service is required to maintain its premises and equipment in good condition so as not to harm the health and safety of those who use them legally. Within the limits of state resources, all classrooms must be fenced off to provide adequate security and protection for students, staff and property from invaders and vandals.

Ii. The service provides separate and closed toilets and toilets to staff of each gender. This facility must be adapted and maintained for easy access. iii. All workers covered by this agreement who suffer injuries during and during their employment are entitled to labour compensation under the provisions of the Work Compensation Act 1987 (PNDCL. 187) iv. A staff member whose property has been damaged or destroyed by students is compensated by negotiations between gnat and Ghana Education Service. 25 against. Workers who suffer losses of personal property due to disasters such as the outbreak of war or communal violence are compensated by negotiating with the union.

This agreement is reached today between the Ghana Education Service (hereafter referred to as the “employer” and the National Association of Teachers of Ghana under the Act 2003 2003 (Law 651). No no. A collective agreement certificate is issued to a union for the same working class at some point. The Labour leader determines which union is in possession of the collective agreement certificate. (i) in this agreement, a claim is a condition resulting from a rectification or non-rectification of a right or dispute by a worker or the Union with regard to the interpretation, scope or application of this agreement. 7.3 At the first appointment to the Ghana Education Service, each teacher receives a letter of appointment which, in conjunction with the collective agreement and administrative instructions, constitutes an agreement between the appointeee authority and the teacher.