Corporate Agreement In Spanish

Hycast AS, a subsidiary of Hydro wholly owned by Hydro, has signed a 9.7 million euro contract with Alu Iberica to supply smelter technologies to two aluminium plants in northern Spain. The agreement includes the design and supply of equipment for the moulding of extrusion lionces made from recycled aluminum. If a professional or company that is required to provide a foreign language translation does not do so, the consumer may terminate (resilient) the contract or contract in which the termination right applies.3 The consumer may terminate the contract even if it has been awarded to a financial institution; However, in this case, the consumer must ask the original trade or the original company to return the sums he paid. Once the consumer has received goods, the goods must be returned to the original trade or to the original transaction. A person in a company who, as part of entering into a contract with a consumer, negotiates mainly in Spanish, Chinese, Tagalogue, Vietnamese or Korean languages, must give the consumer a written translation of the contract offered in the language of negotiations.1 Translation must be a precise translation of each clause and condition of the contract or contract. This requirement of California law applies, whether the negotiations are oral or written. This section does not apply to contracts negotiated in any of the above languages where the consumer has an interpreter.2 The provisions relating to the verification of Spanish language translations of contracts by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs were repealed in 20019. However, the law does not require foreign language translation for subsequent documents approved or likely to be made by the original contract or changes, including qualified care facilities, care facilities and care facilities. Examples of these documents that do not need to be translated include periodic extracts, supporting documents, invoices, add-on sales or refinancings provided or made by or in accordance with the original contract. At the same time, and where a contract is entered into after negotiation mainly in one of the aforementioned foreign languages, a communication on consumer rights must be reported. This communication must be written in the language of negotiation and presented in a striking way. The notice must inform consumers of their rights under this Act.

“More than half of the order will be spent on equipment and services, opening up new opportunities for our local and regional suppliers,” says Furu.