Kentucky State Master Agreements

The Master Agreement application/renewal process at the University of Eastern Kentucky will begin in the fall of 2020 and the approved agreement for each discipline will be uploaded to the site on that date. The application/extension period expires on March 1, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. All applications/extensions are evaluated and forwarded to the state for final approval. Interested suppliers can apply for a master`s contract with the University of Eastern Kentucky by visiting Executive branch of state agencies and non-executive state agencies and political sub-division and non-profits allowed in the state. If you have any questions, want more details about the agreements available, or if you feel that the agreements mentioned above do not apply to you and that you need an alternative option, please contact the Apple Contracts team at You`ll find service options, including AppleCare, on Apple`s support page. All prices sent to the University of Eastern Kentucky are provided on an F.O.B. Provision indicated in the invitation`s shipping instructions, unless otherwise stated in the invitation. (education) (government) .

All entities, individuals and/or businesses, must complete an application form for the creditor`s identification number. If this agreement is financed by a lease agreement, it is separated from this endorsement and between the contractor and the participating unit or purchase entity. Kentucky Dept. The Faculty may make personal purchases under this agreement, Public Districts K-12, Kentucky School for the Blind, Kentucky School for the Deaf. The Apple Online Store offers a great shopping experience! All queries published before June 22, 2020 can be found by clicking on one of the links below that download a PDF file of an updated request. Apple iPad, desktop, laptops and apple branded accessories only; Third-party products and other services are not permitted to purchase in accordance with this participating supplement. Offers and proposals are attached in a sealed envelope.