National Capital Authority Enterprise Agreement

DESIRING to conclude a Convention for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion of income and capital. This Agreement shall not affect the tax privileges of diplomatic representatives or consular agents in accordance with the general rules of international law or the provisions of special agreements. . This Convention shall remain in force for an indefinite period, but any State Party may, on or before 30 June, denounce the denunciation of the other State Party on or before 30 June each calendar year following the expiration of a period of five years from the year in which it enters into force, and, in such case, the Convention shall lose effect:. Payments received by a student, apprentice or economic trainee residing in the other Contracting State or having been immediately before the visit of a State Party and residing in the first-mentioned State for the sole purpose of his training shall not be taxed in the first-mentioned State; if such payments are made to him from sources outside that State. THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA, IN DUPLICATE AT Delhi, january 11, 1996, in English, French and Hindi, each equally authentic. Fees of the board of directors and similar payments made by a member of the board of directors established in a Contracting State or by a similar organ of a company established in the other Contracting State may be taxed in that other State. TO THIS END, the Signatories duly authorized for this purpose have signed this Agreement. The provisions of this paragraph shall also apply to income resulting from the sale of immovable property situated in Canada by a company that sells land without a permanent establishment in Canada, but only to the extent that such income may be taxed in Canada under Article 6 or Article 13( 1). The menu is not available if Javascript is disabled. Manmohan SinghFor the Government of the Republic of India Upon signing the Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Republic of India for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and capital, the undersigned agreed to the following provisions to be included in the Agreement: . .