Nsw Bilateral Agreement Epbc Act

Note 2: Subdivision B contains certain conditions for the conclusion of bilateral agreements. approved policy, plan or programme: a policy, plan or programme that has been approved by the Minister in accordance with point (f) of paragraph 146(2). Note 2A: A measure is part of a group of appeals declared not subject to assessment under that Part only if the measure has been assessed in a manner defined in the bilateral agreement. The bilateral assessment agreement only applies to major projects (for which the NSW Government is the competent approval authority), as it is an agreement between the NSW Government and Australia. In order to achieve streamlining-oriented benefits for all NSW supporters who use the Biodiversity Offering Scheme (BOS) and require authorisation under the EPBC Act, the Australian Government has approved the BOS as part of the EPBC Act Conditions Configuration Policy. This means that any NSW supporter who needs an EPBC Act can use the NSW BOS to assess and meet its biodiversity compensation requirements. 7. The Minister and the deadline for action may agree in writing that the days shall not be counted as working days within the meaning of paragraph 5 within a period consistent with the Agreement. When the agreement is concluded, those days shall not be counted for the purposes of this subsection.

(b) The Minister shall provide to any minister of a state or territory that is a party to the agreement under this subdivision a copy of the report submitted to the Minister in accordance with the agreement referred to in section 146 and of any recommendations made by the Minister under the agreement. (i) provisions relating to the commencement of all or part of the agreement; or the governments of NSW and Australia have entered into a bilateral agreement under the EPBC Act, which aims to create a single window for environmental assessment in NSW. The bilateral agreement accredits certain ESN assessment procedures that allow the Australian Minister for the Environment to rely on NSW`s environmental impact assessment procedures to assess measures under the EPBC Act. 3. Notwithstanding Subsection 1, this subdivision shall not apply to measures to be taken in two or more States or Self-Governing Territories, unless otherwise agreed between the Minister and a Minister of each of those States and Territories. that this subdivision should apply in respect of the measure. The objective of bilateral agreements is to avoid duplication in environmental assessment between the Commonwealth and states. At present, there is no bilateral authorization agreement. 1.

This Division explains the operation of that Act with respect to an act that a person, without an authorization under Part 9, may have taken for the purposes of a provision of Part 3 under Division 1 of Part 4 and a provision of a bilateral agreement immediately before the repeal or suspension of the operation of the provision of the Agreement for the purposes of this Act or a provision of this Act. Act…