What Happens If I Don`t Sign An Arbitration Agreement

Arbitration clauses are often included in many types of agreements, including credit card agreements, car purchase agreements, website terms of service, leases, employment contracts, or even if you buy something from Amazon. See the “Disputes” section of the “Terms of Service” d.com Amazon: Many companies introduce a small clause or paragraph about mandatory arbitration in their contracts. They can`t force you to sign the agreement. In some cases, this step is optional, although it seems mandatory if you want to buy a product or use a service. During the hiring process, arbitration can be a take-it-or-leave-it request. You may be able to negotiate the details if you`re a top candidate, but it`s not easy. Most people have never filed a lawsuit, but everyone should have the opportunity to do so. Before signing your right to sue, consult a lawyer. We are happy to review an independent arbitration contract or agreement for you.

So read everything before you sign it. Be sure to read: Although it was originally designed as a faster and more cost-effective way for commercial companies to resolve disputes between them, arbitration is becoming an increasingly popular way for consumer disputes that companies want to keep out of court. If all of this sounds a bit unfair to you, it`s worth noting that arbitration clauses and decisions can be challenged in court. If the court agrees that the conditions were too outrageous or that the arbitrator was biased, the decision may be set aside.