Hoping to get back to Mazatlan soon


Hi All,

It has been awhile. Denise and I are hoping to get back to relaxing in Mazatlan again. We miss the sun, fun and warm winter weather. Hopefully we will get back soon.Carnival Parade

                                                        Carnival Parade

Both Denise and I have been having medical fun. Denise’s has been playing and ref-ing a lot of pickle ball and now her knees are really bothering her. She is hoping to avoid any surgery, though the xrays look pretty bad.

I on the other hand have been having a bit of bad luck with my broken hip from January. My second surgery in June failed after two months, and I had a third hip surgery in August. I now have a new plate and the remainder of a broken nail. I can’t put full weight on it, but am getting around on crutches. Fingers crossed the third time is a charm.

Surgery #3
And yet another surgery!

Tonya has a new (to her) condo, and is excited to have her own place sans rent! Denise has been helping her move in and get setup.

A new condo for Tonya
Checking out the new condo before closing

Well that’s all for now. Hope to see you in Mazatlan.